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Q: Do I have to get naked?

A: No, you don't have to get naked, whatever is comfortable for you. I usually recommend down to your underwear and for women I recommend taking off your bra so I can access your back. You are covered with sheets during the massage and only the area that is being worked on is exposed.

Q: Can I pay online?

A: At this time I do not take online payments but if you want to pay with a card I am able to take payment through square. I do not accept checks.

Q: I have a pet or pets, how does that work?

A: Yes pets are fine in the same area of the massage as long as they don't make the massage difficult to do.

Q: I have a child or children, how does that work?

A: Yes children are fine in the same area of the massage as long as they don't make the massage difficult.

Q: Can I have my massage done outside (backyard, patio etc.)

A: Yes the massage can be done outside as long as the weather permits and there is a flat surface for the table. 

Q: Do you provide the equipment?

A: Yes I provide the things I will need for the massage, I will only need a sink to be able to wash my hands before and after your service and a plug for the table warmer or towel warmer if you are getting a body scrub.

Q: My massage did not start on time, will I get my full time?

A: Yes! If the massage started late due to the therapist taking too long to set-up or not arriving on time your massage will be extended past the scheduled end time to ensure you receive your full time.

Should the massage start late due to the client (on a phone call, working, not answering the door, etc.) the massage will end at its scheduled time. 

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