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  • Do clients need to disrobe completely?
    No, clients are encouraged to undress to their comfort level. Typically, it's recommended to remove clothing down to underwear. For female clients, removing the bra facilitates access to the back. During the massage, clients are draped with sheets, with only the area being worked on exposed.
  • Can payments be made online?
    Currently, online payments are not accepted. However, payment via card is possible using Square. Checks are not accepted.
  • What about clients with pets?
    Pets are welcome in the massage area as long as they do not disrupt the session.
  • And what about clients with children?
    Children are permitted in the massage area provided they do not interfere with the session.
  • Are outdoor massageS an option?
    Yes, outdoor massages are feasible weather permitting and if there is a suitable flat surface for the massage table.
  • Do you provide equipment?
    Yes, all necessary equipment for the massage is provided. The therapist only requires access to a sink for handwashing before and after the service, as well as a power outlet for the table or towel warmer if a body scrub is requested.
  • What if the massage starts late?
    In the event that the therapist is responsible for the delay, the massage will be extended to ensure the client receives the full scheduled time. However, if the client causes the delay (e.g., being on a phone call, not answering the door), the massage will conclude at the scheduled time.
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