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Five Last Minute Gift and Valentine’s Date Night Ideas

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day during a pandemic and only two more days to go, I thought I’d share some gift and date night ideas that can be done last minute. Ideally, we all would like to plan things in advance, but that can’t always happen. That doesn’t mean that a gift or date night can’t be great!

1. A Relaxing Massage For Her, Him, Or As A Couple

Treat your Valentine to a nice back massage.
A massage will make your Valentine feel incredible.

Although I am biased, I think a massage is probably one of the best gifts you can give someone. A massage can sometimes be hard to schedule last minute, but a gift card to their favorite place is something you can purchase anytime.

You can also create an at home spa day for the two of you by giving each other pedicures, massages and facials, if your massage therapist can’t come to you.

2. A Movie Night For Two

For you movie buffs who are tired of sitting in front of the tv every night; set up a projector, get your favorite snacks and maybe some wine to have a special movie night. By the way, Amazon sells some great indoor and outdoor projectors with two-day shipping if you’re a prime member.

Watch a slideshow of all your special moments on a home movie projector.

If you’re looking to get away from the house; find a drive-in movie theater, grab some snacks or favorite food, and you’re all set! Recently my boyfriend took me to a drive-in, and we picked up burgers on the way. It was great!

Since it is winter, I recommend taking a blanket if you don’t plan on keeping your car on the whole time. If you’re close to Dearborn or don’t mind a drive, I recommend the Ford Drive In Theater.

3. A Challenge Your Significant Other Can’t Refuse

A romantic dinner at home can be the best last minute decision.

A little friendly competition can also be fun. You can have a game night and pick out your favorite card or board games. If you’re big on cooking, see who can create the best dish of the evening.

4. A Romantic Dinner At Home

If neither of you are into competitions, then order take out (or cook to add a personal touch). Don’t forget to dress to impress, light some candles, set the table, and grab a bottle or two of your finest wine for a more romantic evening.

5. A Book Your Partner Will Enjoy

Is there a book that you both will enjoy reading together?

For those of you who are avid readers or at least want to read more, pick a random bookstore, give yourself a time limit and pick a book for each other.

These are just a few ideas that can be done quickly and inexpensively. Although Valentine’s Day is just one day in February, don’t stress by limiting yourself to just this day. There are more days ahead that you can make them feel special. I promise it’s way less stressful, and a lot of fun.

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